The Selenium framework that will get you where you want to go. Hop on!

Built on Selenium WebDriver

Conductor is built on Selenium WebDriver

Fluent Interface

Conductor is built using a fluent interface, making your automated tests extremely easy to read, and extremely easy to make. Reuse the test object over and over.

public class CattleCarTests extends Locomotive {
    public void testTheyDidntGetOut() {

        // can be written fluently!

        .log("They are still here.")

Utilizing the power of CSS

Conductor encourages the use of CSS selectors for specificity of elements by overloading all methods to take CSS selectors

public class CSSCarTests extends Locomotive {
    public void testCSS() {
        .validatePresent("input[type='text'] > label")
        .setText(".username", "my username");